Our SPACE is a multi-media educational program for students from 6th to 8th grade offering them an engaging, meaningful way to understand the world and how they may become more at home and fulfilled within it. Sixth to eighth graders meet on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. The Our SPACE meetings are held in the Our SPACE room specially designed for viewing big-screen movies and accessing a variety of multi-media forms of modern culture. The students also enjoy dinner together during the evening. Contact: Andrea Lane, Vanessa Gray, Brad Clark.

The core values of the program are

  • Spirituality – to spark an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life.
  • Preparation – to prepare our youth to live with meaning, purpose and joy.
  • Adventure – to venture ways of seeing and interacting with the world.
  • Connection – to connect with others and become more at home in the world.
  • Exploration – to explore a broader, deeper understanding of life.

Our SPACE relies on the stories humans have been sharing from our earliest days. The best stories always include one or more the following story lines which tell us the truth about ourselves and our world: 1) Escaping from Captivity; 2) Returning Home from Exile; and 3) Mending a Broken Relationship.

Our SPACE also employs “The I” and “The Me”. “The Me” is that part of us which is forever looking outside ourselves for sources of validation and worth. “The I” is that part of us which knows itself to be unconditionally worthy regardless of whether the world holds us in esteem or not.

Our SPACE uses these “tools” to discern meaning in the narratives that make up our lives. Look for them in stories and we find them. Find them and we begin to see them in our lives as well. This awareness brings us added clarity, purpose, meaning and joy.

Our SPACE students are also involved in a number of fun and rewarding community service projects.