Bishop Gayle Harris’ Advent Visit – December 15th

Bishop Gayle will be our honored guest this Sunday, December 15th, 2019, The Third Sunday of Advent. Her visitations to Ascension are always a special occasion. Be on hand to welcome her, to be inspired by her unwavering commitment to social justice, and to appreciate anew the added strength we enjoy as a parish within the life of the broader Episcopal Church.


Come be a part of the 2019 Christmas Pageant at Ascension Memorial Church.

Learn and tell the story of Christmas by being a part of our
Annual Traditional Christmas Pageant.

Tuesday, December 24 at 4:00PM

Ascension Memorial Church, 31 County Street, Ipswich

Rehearsal (Optional for Angels & Shepherds)
Saturday, December 21 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM in the Church

If you can’t attend the rehearsal just come to the Pageant
and you will be given a Shepherd’s Hat or an Angel’s Halo
and instructed when to come up to the front and take your place.

For more information, call the Church 978-356-2560
or email Frank Corbin frankcorbin9@gmail.com


Sunday, December 22nd after the 10:15 service

Calling all Parishioners to join together in preparing our church home for the coming of our Lord.  Please partake of some goodies in St. Matthew’s Parlor and then head back in and help in placing candles in the windows, arranging the striking poinsettia plants behind the altar, hanging garlands high and low and attaching some greenery to the beginning of each pew.  A meaningful gift our church family can give in His glory.

A Message of Thanks from the Fundraising & Events Committee

Thank you one and all for making our “Season of Giving” Christmas Bazaar such a fun, festive and successful event.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

There was an extra special glow at this year’s Christmas Bazaar, thanks in large part to the ten non-profits that attended and shared their good works. As you know, we took a new approach this year – instead of inviting craft vendors, we invited non-profits. And suddenly the spirit of giving was front and center. The sense of community and connection was palpable. Everyone described it as a “good vibe.”

What’s more, we asked committees to step up and contribute an item to make, bake or source, and then manage a table to sell it. This too, was a new approach and we were learning as we went along. We asked a lot and you gave a lot. We were pleased with the support from committees and so many parishioners who worked together before and during the event. Those involved described it as a “good feeling.” 

From a quantitative perspective, we are pleased to report that the Christmas Bazaar was a resounding success:

•           First, the non-profits attending felt the event was worthwhile, providing them added visibility at this time of year and all have said they would attend the event again.

•           Second, the fellowship of parishioners crafting or baking together has given rise to new friendships and deeper connections with one another.

•           Finally, the revenue from the Christmas Bazaar exceeded our goal of $5,000. By how much? Almost $3,000. We are still figuring out expenses but the final tally will be close to $8000.

We do know we could not have had such a fun and successful event without everyone’s participation. It truly is a “Season of Giving.”

In appreciation,

The Fundraising & Events Committee


Advent is the time when we anticipate the arrival of the messiah. The form of his coming surprised everyone because they expected a powerful, military/political liberator, and got a poor kid with no earthly power instead.

So the season leading up to Christmas, asks us to not only anticipate the wonder, but also to think about people who need, and work on how we’re supposed to help.

This is the focus for the Youth Ministry members Advent outreach, and this year we’re working on helping local citizens experiencing poverty and food insecurity. From Dec 1 to 24, our families are filling a box or bag, adding an item each day. Items can be non-perishable food, diapers, personal hygiene products, pet food, etc. These will be donated to the Open Door food pantry, after the holiday season is over.

Our families will be bringing their Advent collections to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and will be taking our immediate, post Christmas season Sunday session to deliver them in person to Open Door. We are contributing this way to practically make clear our awareness that the seasons of need far exceed what we celebrate as the season of giving, and that in sharing our love for one another, we must reach out in that love, to the wider community.

The AMC Youth Ministry invites the whole parish to join in our Advent project. If you want to “Send Advent Forward” please bring your collection of 24 items to whatever Christmas liturgy you attend.


12.15 Sunday
Visit by Bishop Gayle Harris
8:00AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:15AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II

12.16 Monday
12:15PM – Holy Silence

12.17 Tuesday
11:00AM – Ipswich Aware Meeting – St. Matthew’s Parlor

12.18 Wednesday
9:30AM – Bible Study – St. Matthew’s Parlor
3:00PM – Youth Group Meeting – Boone Hall Classroom
4:00PM – Outreach Meeting – St. Matthew’s Parlor
5:30PM – Holy Silence/Holy Communion
6:00PM – AMC Book Group – St. Matthew’s Parlor
6:30PM – Health & Wellness Group – Boone Hall Lower Level
7:30PM – Adult Choir Rehearsal – Church
7:30PM – Vestry Meeting – St. Matthew’s Parlor

12.19 Thursday
7:00PM – Education for Ministry – St. Matthew’s Parlor

12.20 Friday
7:00PM – Narcotics Anonymous – Boone Hall – Choir Room

12.21 Saturday
8:00AM – AMC Men’s Group – St. Matthew’s Parlor
10:00AM – Christmas Pageant Rehearsal – Church

12.22 Sunday
8:00AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:15AM – Lessons & Carols – Holy Eucharist Rite II