TIDINGS – September 15 , 2019



09.15 Sunday
8:00AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:15AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II
11:30AM – Aging with Grace – Rector’s Office
5:00PM – Boone Hall Feasibility Study Report – Dorman Gym

09.16 Monday
12:15PM – Holy Silence

09.17 Tuesday
4:30PM – Honors Youth Choir Rehearsal – Boone Hall Choir Room
7:00PM – Education for Ministry – St. Matthew’s Parlor

09.18 Wednesday
9:30AM – Bible Study – St. Matthew’s Parlor
4:00PM – Outreach Meeting – St. Matthew’s Parlor
5:30PM – Holy Silence/Holy Communion
6:00PM – AMC Book Group – St. Matthew’s Parlor
7:30PM – Choir Rehearsal – Church
7:30PM – Vestry Meeting – St. Matthew’s Parlor

09.19 Thursday

09.20 Friday
7:00PM – Narcotics Anonymous – Boone Hall – Choir Room

09.21 Saturday
8:00AM – AMC Men’s Group
10:00AM – Funeral Service of Joanne Johnson

09.22 Sunday
8:00AM – Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:15AM – Holy Eucharist Rite II
1:00PM – AMC Duffer Cup Golf Tournament
Family Promise

Parish Office Hours:

Monday through Thursday – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Sunday, September 15, 5:00PM
Boone Hall – Dorman Gymnasium

Architect Chris Doktor of Olson Lewis will present to the parish the findings of the extensive feasibility study conducted over the past year.


As the autumn arrives so does a new year of AMC youth exploring and sharing our ever growing faith. This year we will take some new steps in evolving the “program.” Building on the story/art/project based approach of previous years and using Colette Potts’ inspiring book on youth ministry: “Love First: A Children’s Ministry For The Whole Church” as an ongoing guide, we will more deeply incorporate the children’s experience of faith with that of the broader community.

There will be a few notable changes in the schedule that will be immediately apparent. Parents will be asked to bring their kids (k-5th grade) 15 minutes early, to meet downstairs in the youth ministry space. We’ll start at 10. This will enable the younger members to work on the stories of faith and love that we all share, at an age appropriate level, and continue to create projects that serve all ages in the regular family liturgies. And in the new format, we’ll all share more time together; the kids will now come upstairs at the peace to join their families for the sacramental center of our weekly liturgy- we’ll all be together for communion. Yes, we’ll still have youth led services through the year.

To inaugurate these changes, we’re seeking a new name for children’s contribution to AMC. This will be worked out by parents and teachers in the next week or so; in the meantime, we’ll entertain name suggestions from all. We’re also looking for adults of all ages to be part of the team, people willing to share their faith with the kids, and to learn from them. As we’ve seen over the years, the insights of the youngest members of our parish family can be inspiring.

Finally, we need families to sign up. Until we have a new name, we’re using the old registration forms. We will be holding registration this Sunday and next, and the program will begin on Sunday September 29th. We’re looking forward to a great year –Please consider being an active part of it.

FAMILY PROMISE – week of September 22nd

An interfaith, non-profit organization, Family Promise of the North Shore is committed to helping low-income families by providing shelter, meals and support services for those in transition.

Ascension will joyously be hosting once again, this time we will open our doors and our hearts the week of September 22nd.

At this time, there are three families who will have an opportunity to experience our generous efforts in providing their meals, giving them a roof over their heads while they are in the transitional state they unfortunately find themselves in, and getting to know them for the week they are here.

Shortly, a sign-up sheet will be available in St. Matthew’s Parlor, as well as a sign-up website that will be sent out to all volunteers.

Ascension is just one of many North Shore churches that have reached out to provide these necessary services to local families in need. We look forward to the upcoming week where we will be able to provide a bit of calm in the otherwise chaotic circumstances they find themselves in.


Dinner Bell is a weekly Monday community dinner, held at the Masonic Lodge, and another service effort we at Ascension are committed to. Thanks to the 10 parishioners who signed up for last Monday’s Dinner Bell community dinner. Our team spent a couple of hours helping to prepare and serve the food, expertly cooked by a member of the Lodge. Our meal began with a blessing from Brad and then everyone enjoyed their roast pork dinner. Dinner Bell is an enjoyable evening for the entire Ipswich community, an opportunity to share a delicious meal with our neighbors. There will be several other dates where we can offer our help, so look for a future announcement in the Bulletin with our next assigned time


Do you want to have a more complete understanding of the Christian faith? Why this form of spirituality that formed 2000 years ago lasted, and can still transform lives? Do you want to explore the Bible, history, and theology in depth, and learn how to apply these to your life? Education for Ministry (EFM) at AMC begins it’s new academic year on October 10th. We welcome your inquiries and would love to have your participation! We will be having an open house on Thursday night September 26th at 7 pm in St Matthew’s Parlor. Please speak to any one of the AMC members (Helen Danforth, Dan Alexson, Jan Pesce, Rick Ostberg, or Paul Philpy- mentor) for more information.

WINTER WARM-UP SALE – October 26th & 27th

Saturday, October 26th and Sunday, October 27th, we will sponsor our 14th annual Winter Warm-up Sale! We are collecting new or “gently used” warm coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, socks, snow pants, snow boots, slacks etc. that you have no further use for. Collection dates for the sale are Saturday, October 12th and October 19th from 9:00a.m to 12:00p.m. or you may call the church office at 978-356-2560. This year will be our 14th WINTER WARM-UP Sale! All proceeds will once again be donated to Ipswich Caring and Birth to Three.

CONGO INITIATIVE – October 6th – Our Lady of Hope Church

An Evening with Dr. David Kasali, Founder of the Congo Initiative
Sunday evening, October 6th beginning at 5:30 at Our Lady of Hope Church, 1 Pine Swamp Road
Dr. David Kasali, founder of Congo Initiative, will be here in Ipswich to share about the work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his home country. It is a difficult place with ongoing insecurity and trouble, yet through the work of Congo Initiative there is hope and transformation. In the midst of these many difficulties, CI has established a university, two primary schools, a counseling center, a place for women to have a voice, a church renewal center, a law school, and more. Come join others from the faith communities in Ipswich at Our Lady of Hope for a pot luck supper and an inspiring conversation with David and his wife Kassie. 
After completing his Ph.D at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, IL), Dr. Kasali served for 8 years as Vice Chancellor of Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (now Africa International University). In response to a devastating war that claimed the lives of an estimated 5 million people, and compelled by a vision for holistic transformation of Congolese society, Dr. Kasali founded Congo Initiative. In 2007, Dr.Kasali founded The Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC) as the primary focus of Congo Initiative. UCBC now has over 500 students. Congo Initiative is shaping a new future for the Congo by training and developing skilled men and women of strong moral convictions and wisdom to lead and serve their own people.

Dr. David Kasali


Sunday, September 15, 5PM
Boone Hall Feasibility Study Presentation
Dorman Gym

Sunday, September 22, 1PM
“The Duffer Cup” – AMC Annual Golf Tournament
Cape Ann Golf Course, Essex, MA

Wednesday, September 25, 6-8PM
AMC High School Youth Program

Saturday, October 5, 6PM-9PM
Ipswich Illuminated

Sunday, October 6, 6PM- Evensong
combined choirs of Ascension Memorial Church &
Christ Church, Hamilton/Wenham
at Christ Church

Saturday, October 26, 9AM
Sunday, October 27, 11AM
Winter Warmup Sale

Saturday, November 2, 6PM
Harvest Dinner

Sunday, November 17, 5PM – Evensong
combined choirs of Ascension Memorial Church &
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Marblehead
at Ascension Memorial Church

Saturday, December 7, 9AM
Christmas Bazaar

Sunday, December 22
Christmas Lessons & Carols
at the 10:15AM Service